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The Full Story

About Our Chickens

The Cornish Cross:  Our customers have asked, and we’ve listened.  With delicious flavor in their large, full breast meat, and in their thighs and legs, these compact, white feathered birds have become our preferred breed to satisfy our customers. 


Why We Raise Our Chickens on Pasture: The Chicken Tractor Method

Once our chickens are old enough to be out on pasture, that’s where they spend the rest of their lives.  They eat a diverse diet while on pasture, forage well, and enjoy eating ants, worms and whatever else looks tasty to a chicken. 


To protect our feathered friends from aerial predators and the elements, we shelter them in movable chicken tractors.  These tractors are moved every day, keeping the chickens clean, dry, and always on fresh grass, as they march their way across our fields.

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