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About Our Pigs

Our pigs are a Gloucestershire Old Spot, Cross.  This breed of pig is known for its high-quality meat in all the right areas: pork chops, roasting joints and sausage.  They forage well, thrive on pasture and have a friendly and inquisitive disposition.


Why We Raise Our Pigs on Pasture

Pasture raising allows our pigs to eat a more diverse diet, pick up vitamins and minerals from the soil, and gives them the freedom to do what they do best, be Pigs.  As if that’s not enough of a reason, studies have shown that pasture raised pork has higher nutritional value than pork raised in confinement.

Learn more about the nutritional benefits of pasture raised pork by clicking here.

Where We Get Our Pigs Processed:

Humane Treatment & UDSA Certified.

Our pigs are processed at Eklund’s Processing Inc., a USDA inspected facility.

The practices of their facility align well with the treatment we give our animals throughout their lives.  When it’s time to unload pigs at the processor, the pigs are never rushed, poked, or prodded.  Their unloading area is a wide, well-lit space that the pigs find enough curiosity and comfort in, to leisurely walk off the trailer themselves into large, comfortable holding pens.  We have never noticed signs of stress for our animals during the unloading process, which is especially important to us.

Additionally, their processing, packaging, and quality smoking process, ensure that our hard work and dedication in raising our pigs show through in the end-product.

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