Whole Pig Share - Custom Cut

This $400 payment is a non-refundable DEPOSIT.  

Second $400 payment due by September 15, 2021.

This is a PRE-ORDER. Your pig will be ready for pickup in February 2022.


Please Review All of the Following Information:

With a custom whole pig share, we send you a cut sheet, and you get to choose exactly how you want your pig processed.  Perhaps you want more of a particular type of sausage, or an unsmoked ham that you can cure yourself.  The options are nearly endless.


How much freezer space will you need:  About 6 cubic feet.

Cost of a Custom Processed Pig:  $4.50/lb. (hanging weight) plus the cost of processing.

Average Hanging Weight: 200lbs. – 260lbs.
Average Yield:  120lbs – 180lbs of Packaged Meat.
Average Processing Cost:  $400 - $550.


-We cannot guarantee a particular hanging weight or yield.
-Custom processed pigs must be picked up in full.  We do not offer storage of custom processed pigs.


Please review more Share Information along with terms and conditions HERE

Whole Pig Share - Custom Cut