Help Us Restore PVF!

Adopt a Clapboard.  We know it sounds odd, please allow us to explain:


What’s a clapboard?  It is a siding board, which protects the barn and its inhabitants and stores from the weather.


Our roots run deep here and many of the structures on the property have stood nobly through the years, sheltering livestock, food stores, and grain, and watching those roots run deeper and deeper, but they are no more immune to the ravages of wind and weather than we are, and some are showing their age.  They still stand true but need some structural and cosmetic help.  Not too bad for 160 years old, right?


By adopting a clapboard, you are buying one siding board for the antique barns on the farm, which assists in their preservation.  Help us reach our goal of 500 clapboards, to preserve these monuments to our collective past.

Your name will be written on a board when it is installed, leaving behind a record of your help in preservation.


Help Us Restore PVF!