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The Full Story

About Our Turkeys

Fresh, Thanksgiving Ready! 

To complement our practices in raising Turkey’s, we specialize in selling fresh, never frozen, birds. 


We process and package all Turkeys right here on the farm and have them ready for you to pick up the week of Thanksgiving.  


Breed Selection 

The Broad Breasted White Turkey.  They’ve been selectively bred to produce what you expect from a Turkey; Large, full, flavorful breast meat, thighs and legs, ensuring you’ll have plenty of leftovers.

Why We Raise Our Turkeys on Pasture

These beautiful, white feathered birds thrive, and enjoy a diverse diet while they free range on open pasture.  They’re free to roam, eating vegetation, catching grasshoppers, worms, and other bugs as they go.  This diverse diet and exercise keep our Turkeys happy and healthy.  The results are in the taste.

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